Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Missing Singapore

Yeah! here i am missing my Singapore vacation cum balik kampung also for me & my family. Last Dec 2010 , me & my family vacationed down south for a good old 7 days .Before & after Christmas.

Why balik kampung?  Because my MIL was born & raised in Singapore. And all the siblings & relatives are still living in Singapore. Plus also my FIL's relatives. So you can imagine why we need to spend like a week and nothing less than that! Our itinery was like this: Daylight - touring & Night - visiting relatives

And yeah, having a relatives there does help to easen our trip budget. We saved a lot on accomodation as we stayed in my MIL's sister house . clock is showing it's almost 5.15 pm now..Happy Chinese New Year everyoone..

p/s: i'll continue this wonderful singapore trip in my next posting.. Sentosa is marvelous!

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