Monday, 21 February 2011

Birthdays are for kids actually

On our way back from 1U yesterday, my eldest child could not help from smiling at me.. When I asked her why, she said that it was nothing.. Actually I knew what had happened earlier on when me & her Tuk Mi was waiting for them at the Home Fix shop. However, I hate to spoil the fun. Thus, I pretended not to tell her that I know what was on her mind..

It’s good that Arissa was able to keep the secret until today’s morning. We all know la how excited kids can be with birthdays even though it was not theirs!

Yeah! I smelt something fishy about them ( hubby + Arissa) being late to meet us at Home Fix. They said they were only going to drop by at the Sticky candy shop for a short while. So me & my MIL waited for them at Home Fix. But when a few minutes turned to be longer than expected, my mind suddenly think that they were up to something… Well, it’s not hard to conclude that it had to be something related to my birthday as today is my birthday…

And this morning, I could see how excited Arissa was when she gave me my birthday card. Little Aisyah gave the small silver box present. She was too young to understand what birthday is all about.Thus she was all curious with what was on this morning at the dining table. Even when Arissa was saying good bye to me this morning, I can still see her happiness about birthday!!! I bet if there was a birthday cake this morning, she would be the one who wanted to blow all the candles!

And as usual, my hubby the Mr. Planner had done it again . The birthday gift was thoughtfully choosen and bought by him. Of course Arissa had been explained reasonably on why that present was selected. This I presumed la… Since I just bought a new low-key brand car, it had crossed my mind to get a new key chain that was practical to use ie wont easily leave a stratch on my car..

So I never thought that they will get for me a glow-in-the-dark mentol shaped key chain as my 36th birthday present. I can imagine how easy it will be to find my car keys in the dark after these!!!

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