Friday, 1 October 2010

Your love, your love is my drug

Suddenly the thought of buying myself an Arzu shawl is so stress therapy for me!!!!

And seeing how I can fit into my working pants which is a bit loose is so stress reliever too for me !!!!

I had a not so happy morning today. I like my morning not to be welcomed with complaints, nags and all unpositive vibes. It’s enough if my child is waking up crying as I can tolerate with it…But not from adults that obviously can actually prevent this from happening…

Wanna now what was my only comfort in the morning when all is haywire? The smiling face & laughter of my youngest daughter!

Another method is to just listen to all the unpositive vibes and just listen..Sometimes these people just want someone to listen to in the early morning!!! And how I am the CHOSEN ONE!!!!! ;(

Back to the my 1st stress medicine, I love Arzu shawls!!!! They have such lovely and nice but expensive shawls!!!! Thesedays, in order to prevent myself from stepping into Arzu shop & buy another shawls,I need to walk in a fast manner whenever passing over Arzu shop

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