Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Golden Palm Tree : 2

The weather was suitable for sailing on that Saturday. So off father and daughter for a sailing adventures. Mom and baby sister stayed put at the hotel kopitiam and took this photo using her fav handphone. I just love my handphone camera!!!

Aiyoh! the weather at Golden Palm tree was just blazing hot and sunny!!!! We arrived and checked-in at the hotel around 3 pm. And by the time we were done unloading our luggages at the room, it was past 4 pm. Which means we missed the bicycle tour  .

So what's next ? Off we went to the ballroom for some happy dance which was done by the hotel staffs.  Review: Poor. They could have done it better regardless the small number of people who turned up in the ballroom.

Next, we proceed to the beach. So hubby & Arissa off to sailing. That was the only activity they got to do. After that none at all due to no wind available for other beach activities..

Like I mentioned in my previous entry  that GPT is not a suitable resort for family with small children. Older kids would be ok la.. Even the kids pool was too small. Nevertheless, my girls had fun swimming in the pool. Even me too got a chance to do some swimming laps while hubby attended the kids.

Our room looked exactly like the photo which was posted in my previous entry. What I love most about the room were the towels and the bathroom mat which was super duper absorbent... Arissa loved the rain shower. The bathroom has a half blurred window glass facing the sea.So one get to look at the sea while having shower!!!  And how nice to see unplastic shampoo & shower gel bottles !

I asked for a baby cot.Thus the big twin beds became more spacious for me, Arissa & hubby. And there's a 4 seater dining table at the balcony which me and hubby utilised for our late night chat... The kids tido mati !Too tired with the sun and sea...

overall, the place is ok for those looking  for a quiet and peacefull holidays. It is suitable also for company meeting...So anyone willing to pay for RM1,000 +++ for a night stay at GPT?

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