Saturday, 2 October 2010


Aiyoh!!!!! Why la this allergy thing is happening to me???? Is it because I am old ? I am a 35 year old woman. Not ashamed to admit it. And I have not been having all those early menopause symptoms either. Thus what is wrong with my body hormones?

It all started when I used one of my old lipsticks. So ok. That I can accept as the main factor of this allergy I have on my upper lips. But suddenly this allergy is becoming like a common thing when I started using my newly bought lipsticks. Mind you, it’s one of those expensive brands and not from guardians and Watson.

I did check on its expiry date. So all still have one more year of shelf life. So what is main culprit of this allergy I am having on my upper lip?????

I need to buy some more lipsticks!!! I will not spend my precious time thinking too much this allergy thing. Another stress therapy for me !!!

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