Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Annabel Karmel

I finally got to buy my annabel karmel's book last Monday. Purchased it at Kinokuniya in KLCC. And that is after going it first at MPH with a mission to buy. I went to MPH 1st thinking that I can purchase the book by using my vouchers. But since it can't be found there, I went again to Kinokuniya . Again? Well, that is the 1st place that I went since it's near my office.

Anyhow, I have yet to get down and read it . I only managed to flip a few pages here and there. But I need to start reading it soon as as possible as I don't have much time left before Feb 7th arrive. Why Feb 7th? Because that is the day that Aisyah will turned 6 months old. It's an important date as she will start on her solid food.

And just like with my first born, I intend to do the same thing for my 2nd born which is to prepare home cooked solid food. Took out all the necessary tools for it form the store. Checked all the feeding spoons and bowls and cups and ice cube tray. And judging from the condition of the said items, I need to make new purchases for it. There're scratch marks here and there on the spoons & bowl.

Back to solid food, it reminded me of my last visit to my girls' pediatrician last month. We were the 2nd patient to see the doctor. We noticed that the 1st patient were inside the doctor's room long . Found out from the doctor that he had given them a lengthy lecture on the importance of feeding good food to children. My pediatrician was an ex-lecturer at one of our local university and he was my BIL's & SIL's lecturer. Easy to say that most of us who goes to DSH will know who this pediatrician is .

I can understand my pediatrician frustration with the mindset and attitude of today's parents. I couldn't agree with him more as I see it happening in front of me and among my family members. These day, parents in general use the easiest way to feed their children. By that, I’m referring to too much of processed food, packed and GMO food. Gone are the days where parents really stressed on serving and feeding their children only home cooked food.

And when these children are served with too much of these food, then it’s common for our children to get sick so easily & late in recuperating. When all these happen, the last people that I pity the most are the sick children themselves. And to make the story sad, there are parents’ out there who simply send their sick children to any medical practitioners. I can understand that one’s money is the limit. But what is the point of sending your sick children to the same doctor when your child’s health is not improving?

So yeah, my doctor blame the parents for what we are doing to our children when it comes to food. I guess he knows he can’t do much apart from giving sound advice to those parents as bringing up your children is one’s ultimate decision. At the end of the day, don’t point fingers to other people or blame some things when our children get sick as easily as it should be.

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