Thursday, 24 June 2010

The New Girl on the block

Yep! She is the new girl on the block. I first saw her at the breastpump service centre. There she was lying on top of the box. The owner of the service centre said that they are still checking her out. See if she is suitable and can live it to it's expectation.

And like any guy out there who are always upgrading their car, seeing that new Ardo Calypso Breastpump just fueled my interest in knowing her more. But then,  that was couple of months back.

Now  seeing her again at this online shop that i frequently shop. Ahah!!!

I don't know if  I should get it .Not that my current ameda lactaline is not functioning. Happy to say that my purchase of Ameda was worth every cents. Dah la mahal. But so far, her performance is excellent. It's much better than spectra. I have tried spectra at Seremban Hospital. That was when Aisyah was hospitalised for her jaundice that she got during her age of two weeks old.

Gonna check that new beauty now..