Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sisterly Love

I can see how Aisyah just love being with her big sister Arissa. Of how happy her face will be just to see her big sister coming back from school each schooling days. Of how she laugh when her big sister tickles her body. And how she calls her big sister in her own baby language.

Of course Arissa loves her small baby sister wholeheartedly.I remember how Arissa always wanted to help change her baby sister's dirty diapers.And how Arissa always wanted to feed her baby sister solid food during each feeding time.

But there are times also when both fight for dearest mama attention. And when this happens, dearest mama will have her hands full of both of them. Arissa  would be sitting at oneside  of my lap while the Aisyah too would be eyeing for another lap to sit. And if Arissa is talking, then Aisyah too would be talking in her own baby languages.  Of course moments like this is rather handful too me. But these are precious moments that are not worth it to be nag as moments like this wont last forever. Thus dearest mama will try her best to handle those two A's.

When I looked and judged back on those things mentioned earlier, I must say that His plan for me and my hubby was the best plan  planned. There are 4 years gap between Arissa and Aisyah. Most people would say that it's a big gap . But when i analysed it back, the year gap is just nice.

The 4 years gap enable Arissa to show to her baby sister what big sister is all about. As Arissa is at an age where she can understand some logic behind certain stuff , she is able to appreciate her baby sister existance . This is based and done in her own way .  Should the gap be less than 4 years, I wouldn't think Arissa would be able to appreciate her baby sister existance . Let alone to express her love for her baby sister.

Which is why i honestly believe there's a reason why Aisyah was born 4 years after Arissa. Sometimes, we made a plan that we think is the best planned plan. But little did we realised that there are reasonable hidden reasons why our plan did not happened our way. I did look back and analised  the gap/ But it all make sense now when I see the love display between Arissa and Aisyah.  Suddenly the 4 years gap made sensible reasons that is easy to understand.

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