Friday, 29 July 2011

Baby's gender

I know that almost everyone that I known had wish & shared the same view on our 3rd baby's gender.. They are all hoping it will be a baby boy as my eldest & 2nd child are both girls.

But to me and my hubby, boy or girl is not an issue for us.. The most important thing is that our baby is healthy and free from any physical & mental deformities..

Actually why we care less on our 3rd baby gender is because of the fact that there are so many married couples out there who yearn to hold and hug their own baby but still could not..

There are so many people around our life , be it among my hubby's surrounding and mine too, that are still childless. They are childless not by an option. Some of them have been married for  more than 5 years and still trying to conceive...

With that reason, me & hubby are just thankful to Allah for his precious gifts to us... To tell you the truth, I too was afraid that I would not conceived our 2nd baby as the gap was 4 years from my 1st pregnancy. And even for my 3rd pregnancy, I still had the same fear of not being able to conceive .... Alhamdulillah we are lucky.

No words can describe the feeling a parent can feel when holding & hugging  a child of our own flesh & blood. And no words can describe the longing look of those childless couples wishing to be in our shoes..

With that, any parents should be gratefull and honored to have a child or children of their own..

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Lollies said...

May our children become our rewards in the hereafter. :D