Friday, 1 July 2011

Working Pregnant Hijab Woman

Everyone’s know ( do they?) that Jusco is the best place to get affordable price maternity wear. New designs are always being put on the shelves. Thus one need only to visit Jusco now & then to get new maternity design.

And of course there are also Motherclub , Modernmum, MikiMum & other online brand that can accommodate the demands for maternity wear. But when it comes to hijab lady,the task can be a bit harder. Especially to pregnant hijab woman like me who prefers long sleeves rather than short sleeves match with an inner blouse.

I really don’t favor at all the trend of using inner blouse that comes with long sleeves to match with either short sleeves or sleeves blouse/shirt/t-shirt /spaghetti strap blouses.

And being a working woman, it is best to keep your office wardrobe color to plain color only. This is because you can match one colored shirt with various designs of shawls & tudungs. You will have less tudung/shawls options on hand if the fabric of your office wear is flowery, stripes & with motifs.

Sometimes I just wish that there are enough available designs on the market for pregnant hijab working woman like me. I had tried googling for it in the internet and the effort is fruitless.

Maybe I can turn this problem into a marketable business idea!