Thursday, 21 July 2011

Asthma Attack

Last Tuesday night I got my asthma attack which I have not gotten for almost 5 years . And for once in my life, I fear for the life of little baby inside of me and for my life too..I have no asthma medication with me when it happened as the last attack was 5 years ago.

It all happened when I was having runny nose and constant sneezing at office the whole monday at office & home. Came Tuesday, I was having short of breath .It was ok if just sit down at my office table. But walking to and back from the ladies room will leave me with short of breath . And it got worst on that night .

This happened after I bathe my two girls after we got back from the park. By the time I had finished bathing my eldest daughter ( i bathed the youngest one first) , my breathing was worst. I had to sit down long so that i can breath better and not gasping for air.

I got panic attack & fear for life of the little baby inside of me when while waiting for dearest hubby to come home from work. Arissa had this worry look on her face throughout the whole time when we were eating dinner and waiting for her baba to arrive home. Of course I did explain to her that I was having difficulties of breathing due to my cough & that how i need to move slow when doing things. It think it was weird for her to see me short of  breath and how hard it was for me to breath. Aisyah just nod her head when i said that I was sick.

The only medication I took was a cough mixture. That too I had after consulting my dearest SIL & BIL who are both doctors.Things got a bit better that night but I could not sleep well. I was awake now and then. In fact hubby got worried too when he took my pulse reading. It was fast than normal rate.

So come Wednesday morning, I just told myself I need to see my gynea. Eventhough my breathing has improved but I dont want to feel fear & panic again. Not having medication on my hand is not something I want to go through again.

Unfortunately, my gynea was on leave on Wednesday. So was my gynea's next choice of gynea to be seen if she was unavailable. After consulting my SIL, we decided to visit another chest & respitory specialist at the same hospital who happened to be my SIL & BIL's friend.

The doctor ran a few asthamtic test on me .One of it it was I had to blow through this small tube and see how far I move the pin on top of the tube. I blowed 3 times and the pin did not move much. In the end it was confirmed that I had an asthma attack. Told him too of my asthma history.

I felt better when the doctor put me on the inhaler mask straightaway. Soon I was able to blow and move the pin better than my earlier attempt.

Actually I am supposed to be hospitalised as I need to rest a lot. But the doctor gave me option either to stay home and rest or choose to be warded for  a  few days. No wonder I was asked earlier by him on wether I have a maid at home and how many children I have . At first his questions on this did not make sense to me. But now I know whys

So I am given a 6 days on medical leave. Doctor's advice is to rest a lot. And my next appointment will be on next Monday.

However, i got a scold from my dearest hubby last night. Why? All because I did not rest enough and still busy to cook and attending to the children. I was not supposed to take them to the park that evening. Me feeling a bit better after having my medication, thought it was ok for me to take them there.

But today, I just told myself to really put up my feet. I listened to my body . And yeah I am not that 100% well . I am still short of breath and walking around too much in the house still leave me tired and gasping for air a bit...

Being pregnant for the 3rd time at the age of 36 years old, definitely sing a different song to me..


Konot said...

scary.. hmm.. u take care okeh.. get a lot of rest!

emly2175 said...

Konot: thank you...