Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Baba's girls

I have to say that my two lovely girls are baba's girls definitely.

At the moment my hubby is away on his business trip where the location is popular as one of Thailand's holiday destination. I just could not understand why his company can choose a popular holiday spot like for it's top management seminar...How i wish I could go!!!

Back to my point , my girls are missing their baba tremendously. Aisyah was already asking for her baby , wanting her baba to hold her in his arm, right after we dropped my hubby at the airport. And during the night, just as me & aisyah were lying on bed getting ready for sleep, she would asked where is her baba. And in the morning, the first thing Aisyah would asked me was where is her baba.

Same goes to Arissa. She would asked  me if she can call baba or send sms to his baba. Alhamdulillah, she got to talk her baba and how happy she was.. Another thing that i can sensed how Arissa is missing her baba company is her attitude. There will be moments when she is just clingy and sometimes feeling so sad ...

Which is why I too dont like it that much when my dearest hubby have to be away on his business trip.  Hubby likes  to play with them. Something that i am not good at.. Maybe fathers are like that.

With baba it is play time for the girls. It can be a rough one like father & sons. I called it like wwf wrestling. The girls can punch as hard as they can with their baba. They can even land themselves on top of  their baba. My hubby would always remind them not do this with me as their mama is not as strong as baba! Phew! They play rough like a boy ok!

Sometimes, just as Aisyah was about to doze off  at night, she can just be as fresh and alert the minute she sees her baba entering our bedroom. All of a sudden, a smile will light up at the corner of her tiny mouth. Soon she will be wanting to play with her baba who was just got back from work!

With Arissa, she will choose baba instead of me to put her to sleep. Eventhough I will stay with her first to put her to sleep, in the end, she will always ask for her baba to put her to sleep. hemmmm.. Sometimes how i pity my dearest hubby who is sometimes feeling so tired after coming back from office.  But he always put up with the girls demands... this i salute him most eventhough sometimes i wish he wouldn't.

hemmm..one more day to go..My girls' baba is coming home tomorrow...

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