Saturday, 2 July 2011

100% wean off ?

Is she finally 100% wean off from my breast milk? I presume yes.

Is not that she did not ask from me to latch on or to breastfeed her..She did. But somehow she can accept my explanation of how big girl she is and that she can drink milk from her cup.

This weaning process just happened like that... I had stopped breastfeeding her and feeding her my EBM somewhere last month. And whenever she asked to be breastfed, I gave her the same reasons as above. Of course there were moments when she just want it & sometimes cry too when I refused to breastfeed her..Somehow, Allah is Great. That she can accept my reasons wheneverthese happened. Alhamdulillah.

I know she is missing it still of this special bonding session. In fact I too am missing it. But I had to take my chances of making it happened (wean off) as i am due for labor end on October this year. I just hope i am doing the right thing by weaning her off 3 months soon from the original plan.

My worry now is of her reaction when she sees me breastfeeding her new baby brother/sister. She may be tempted to breastfeed from me as the craving might be there..

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