Thursday, 28 July 2011

091011 or 101011 or 111011

Went for my monthly maternity  check-up last Monday..

As  I will be 7 months preggy by end of this month, me & husband asked our gynea on the exact date of birth for our 3rd child... So  it can be either 091011 or 101011 or 111011 or can be any date on that 2nd week of October 2011..

Guess who was  excited upon noticing the dates? Well, my gynea la.... Hubby said that it was  the same response  from my gynea when I delivered my 2nd child on 070809..  I think maybe because she had some patients who had asked to have their babies delivered on nice dates like that...As for us, any dates will do for Allah knows when is the best & right time for our baby to be born into this world..

So our baby is expected to be born  roughly 2 weeks earlier than the actual date if based on the conception date. This I have already anticipated earlier tooo.. Aisyah was delivered 2 weeks earlier too.As for Arissa it was one week earlier.. Thus, our 3rd baby will have the same probability as her sisters too!

As for our 3rd baby gender, our baby is still being shy about it.Our gynea could not confirmed on the baby's sex as our baby is always hiding it... It would be nice if the sex is confirmed  as I want to start preparing the clothes...

Thus, we are assuming our baby is a girl ...

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