Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ramadan 2011

This Ramadan has been one challenging fasting month for me & my family.

The 2nd week of Ramadan had seen us all down with high fever which is caused by some virus.. Arissa got it first on the first Saturday of Ramadan. As the fever did not subside by Monday morning, we took her to see our pediatrician along with Aisyah who all of sudden caught the fever bug too.

Came Tuesday , it was hubby’s turn to get the high fever. By this time, Arissa was well. As for Aisyah she was all ok by Wednesday. But came Thursday, Arissa’s high fever came again and were only gone on Saturday .. While for me, I only have mild fever on Wednesday & Thursday. Alhamdulillah mine was gone fast as I did not fast for 2 days.

Anyhow, this fever lasted longer on Arissa & hubby. Both were having the same symptoms. Both will be shivering and so weak when the paracetemol is almost finishing its effect on their body. But as soon as they have the next dosage of paracetemol , hubby & Arissa will be ok… I remember how hubby told me that he was shivering in his air conditioned office. And in fact, he did not even turn on the car air conditioned when driving to & from work.

3rd week of Ramadan sees us all attacked by food poisoning… Again, Arissa got it worst. She was so weak and keep on vomiting … Aisyah only had minor watery poo poo .Thanks goodness she was her normal self. As for me, I was still losing my appetite to eat… Due to this, I lost 3 kilos which I hate it..But thank goodness, my baby is growing healthily. My bowel was still in watery conditioned too up to today.Just not as bad as Aisyah .

And now we are all ok in this 4th week of Ramadan.. But the side effect is still there within us..Our bodies are still 10% weak actually. In fact, my MIL is the last person to get diarrhea. Even though her is just a minor one, but it is still not good on her as she is not the type to drink lotsa water.. Her water intake is never 5 glasses of water daily…

I guess all of us will remember this Ramadan forever…In fact this is my first Ramadan as a pregnant fasting woman. And I did not fast for several days not because I was hungry but because of my sickness..I am glad the 1st week of fasting was an easy one for me..But the 2nd & 3rd week was so challenging… In fact right now I am still having my asthma cough ….I hope it will go away ASAP.

Have a blessed Ramadan everyone..

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