Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Asthma cough

I thought it was only a normal cough..Little that I know that it is an asthma cough..Even the normal GP that I normally go near my house could not tell the difference. Only my Gynea was able to tell the different between normal cough & asthma cough..

My lungs are normal. And so is my throat..There is no sore throat either…However, my cough is very chesty & watery & phlegm too..

And the only remedy for this is to increase my asthma puff. And to stay away from drinking cold drinks!!! Thanks goodness this is the fasting month and my appetite is still not so great… I can’t imagine if it is not fasting months…

I know the temptation to gulp down that glass of cold air mata kucing, or cincau or air kedondong or air limau asam boi is really great when one is fasting… And I had gone that road during this fasting month. ..And yet, my cough & phlegm did not go away even though I have my puff daily.

Seeing this and feeling afraid of getting my lungs infected by virus, I am staying away from cold drinks…

I hate having this cough as I can’t have a good night sleep…Almost every other night I was coughing & flushing my pleghm down the sink bowl…Plus, this cough make me vomit also… There was one sahur where I vomited soon after finishing my sahur food. I only had a few kurma after that to compensate the food that I vomited. And Allah was great..I had a easy puasa for that day..Was feeling afraid that I might be feeling weak and having stomachache too…

Eversince I increased my puff and staying away from cold drink, I can see the improvement on my cough… To be honest, I am just wanting a safe labor when October comes. I am praying this 3rd labor will be an easy one like my previous two labor. Have heard stories about how tough the labor will be if you have an asthma attack on the same day. It happened to one of my staffs..

It’s better to have an asthma free labor if the possibilities of me going into labor without my hubby at my side is there..

Sometimes when I looked back of what had happened during this holy Ramadan, I am just thankful that He gave us strength to go through it..And that we did not even complained a bit about this ..All I know, how we all just pray that all will be over and that we are given chances to make full use of Ramadan by reading more Al-Quran, doing Terawih and donate more..

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