Monday, 6 August 2007

Fitness First---- Finally

Finally at last I have enrolled myself into a gym on last Wednesday... I've been delaying my comeback to gym since the last 6 months... reasons for the delay was because Arissa is still below 2 years old... I've been bathing her morning & nite since her birth... My maid only helps me to lap2 kan aje if I were to come back home late from work.But she will be 2 come this Aug 15.... I try to come back home as early as I can after completing my work at 5.15 pm... And with hubby's office at Pantai Bahru and the kind of work he is into , I'm in the better position to come home as early as I can....

Prior to my gym enrollment last week, I normally take Arissa out for a walk.. But not the leasurely walk la folks! Most of the times, she will be running ( I repeat RUNNING! ) happily around the housing neighbourhood... And how she remembers which house has a dog or a cat and small pond and with nice garden.... And she knows which one is my bro's house too.... yes, my bro lives in the same neighbourhood... Easy for my parents to visit us... ;)

Back to the gym story, I just so happy to be able to do this as I miss doing it ...My last gym session was when I was 6 months pregnant... So, it feels so good , less guilty leaving my daughter now ... But I wont be coming back that late from gym la ... Just need to be home before maghrib.. To those who will think bad of me for the above statements, Pls do not make your own assumption as U dont know me very well... It's unfair to have bad judgement about oneself when u dont know that person inside out... So just read my entry & shut up k...

Nadia, to answer your question on this, I alone joined ... But one of my collegues, just joined yesterday... So , yeah for me!


rafiqaheliza said...

I envy you for being able to attend gym. I miss my gym days. It's not convenient for me to go coz my work is pretty much demanding. Kalau campur gym, mau pukul 10 sampai rumah!
Hey, I like the name Arissa-:)
Oh, got your link from aidan's mommy blog. Shall add u to my list.

Delia said...

i pun konon2 nak gi gym..tapi drpd Hareth sampai Dzyad tak pegi2 pun! plus i just don't have the discipline to go rugi lah bayar monthly tapi tak pegi. =( maybe it's a blessing in disguise pun i keep on postponing to enroll coz now since i'm here, mesti leceh i nak kena gi cancel membership etc. hehehehehe

Aidan's Mommy said...

Hubs and i joined gym before i got married, then after that... senyappp jer gym attire pun ntah kemana.

Hope after pregnancy i have the time to exercise again..
the only exercise i do now is playing with Aidan, cooking and walking up and down the staircase at home... enuff ke?