Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Durian Eater

The youngest family member in E&F family likes to eat durian..Wanna know how old she is? Well, she just turned TWO(2) years old today…. Here's a picture of our daughter Arissa happily enjoying eating her durian. That was the 1st time we allowed her to eat one biji durian . Before this, we only gave her about 1 scoop / just a pinch of durian..

How did it all started? Well, it all started when we were back at my parents house inN9. My dad will never fail to buy durians whenever the children come back home. Mom always said it is better to eat durian with a bigger crowd rather than eating it between 2 people only(my parents la!).

As usual, Arissa always want to join in whatever we adults are doing. So she was there sitting on my mom’s maid lap in the kitchen watching us ‘kopek durian” . It was fine by me when we let her touch the thorny durian skin . . And I even let her take a sniff of the wonderful smell of durian. Suddenly she said she wants to eat one of it.. Hubby said “Let her try a bit”. Off I put a bit of durian inside her mouth. When I asked her if the durian tasted nice, she said “Nice”. And after that she insisted of having some more… We let her eat a few more after that before my mom’s maid took her out from the kitchen .

All of us was surprised that she likes the taste of durian as she is still small. Even my brother’s young children don’t like to eat durian. Maybe because the parents themselves are not durian lovers.

So far we have exposed Arissa to many kinds of food. But we have limited her exposure to junk food i.e fast food like ice creams, cakes, sweets . She just had her 1st taste of ice cream about 1(one) month back. Wanna know what was the brand? Baskin & Robbins. We were out at Subang Parade with my husband’s brother and his family. If it wasn’t for Khuya (Abang) Fazul buying his kids some ice creams, Arissa woudn’t get the chance at all.
As curious as she has always is, she likes the new taste and experience of feeling and eating a new thing. My hubby & I had to eat most of ice creams in my hand as we don’t want her to eat most of it. Arissa insisted of eating to last bit of the ice cream cone!

Remember the Wall’s ice creamman riding on the motorcycle? Arissa only recognizes it as the-musical-motorcycled man. She doesn't know that that person is selling ice cream actually. I have advised my maid & all our family & in laws too , not to tell her what about the ice cream man.

MacDonalds? KFC? Hemm… That too we have not exposed it to her .. Of course there’s no way of escaping it when watching TV. But me & hubby never said the word to her. We sometimes switch to another channel when MacDonalds or KFC’s advertisement is aired.

Why the delay of not exposing her to all this? Reasons are plain & simple. Apart from we wanting her to have a good eating habits, we too thought she has all the time later to eat MacDonalds or KFC or any other sweet drinks when she is older. In fact, I’ve seen it from my own experience be it from my family members or from public, how hard it is to resist your children craving of eating fast food. Once a while it is ok to have roti canai or nuggets for breakfast. But I don’t think it is healthy to let your child to eat roti canai & nuggets for every meal.

We firmly believe for our kids to have good eating habits from young to ensure they grow up as healthy achievers in life...

To see more pictures of Arissa eating durian ( just one biji k !) , swing over to here

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