Thursday, 16 August 2007

She is two years old

This year Arissa had an early birthday celebration with her cousin Danial who turned 1 year old on Aug 10th. The small party was done at my parents' house on Saturday nite. We had bbq party too on that nite..
It seems like only yesterday she was born. In fact I still think she is small and baby too. I guess it is hard for parents especially mothers to think that their child has grown up.
People always ask me what can she do ? Well, almost everything I would say. There are some words she can pronounce clearly & some words a bit babylish. But her comprehension of things spoken to her and around her is great. Her memory skills are excellent for a toddler like her . She can recalled exactly which , what & when & how things are done,stored, said etc. I know my hubby & MIL have a sharp & alert mind.. But I never expected my daughter to have thve that qualities. :) I'm happy she has that inside of her as I'm not that person.
She is still like any other normal toddler. Will put up an act when she didn't get what she wants. She can even be angry at me & dont want me to hold her when she cant get her ways.. Sometimes she will pretend that she is crying .Thinking I would succumb to her cry.
But she's quick to know if her Baba is in an angry mood. All by listening to the high tone of my hubby's voices.
My darling Arissa, may you grow into a beautiful person inside and outside.
And thank you to the Man up there for this wonderful precious gifts.

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rafiqaheliza said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Arissa! Cantik kek barney tu...