Thursday, 23 August 2007

All for you

I have been slowling preparing Arissa for that big day. The day when she can finally drink 100% powdered milk and not her Mama's milk.. We started when she was 20 months old. She will be drinking neslac 1 during the day and at nite time, she will be have mama's milk. And now, she is TWO years old...

So far, she has been ok about not being able to feed from me.. It has been almost a week ... She did ask for it at nite just before she goes to sleep. And asked for it again when she wakes up at nite.... She didn;t ask again or get all cranky when I said no & explain her why she can't have it.. She has been a good girl... But her mama really miss breastdfeeding her... Hubby told me to be patient .

Who said that you are not going to miss breastfeeding your child? It did cross my mind that I may miss this special session @ breastfeeding ...I thought I will only feel a bit strange and that's it.. But I guessed it wrong by now.. I miss our special moments. I miss our mom&daughter bonding time.. I miss having her in my lap drinking my milk..

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