Thursday, 23 August 2007


For almost two years I have succesfully breastfeeding my child. I never thought I will make it to this day. The journey was a wonderful experience and new. New in the sense not only for me but also for people at my office. I was the 1st one to start this culture of expressing BM at the office. It did worry me in the 1st place of not being able to do it.. But alhamdulillah, people was very helpful and understanding. I got to use the pantry for my EBM session 3 or 4 times aday.

Breastfeeding and wanting to do EBM at office is not an easy thing to do for a new mommy. I remember how people from the older generation ( including my mom& MIl ) can easily succumb to giving powdered milk to a crying baby who is still learnng the rope to latch on properly . .. And also when the new mother is still not adapt at breastfeeding the baby. This thing happened to me.. However, thank god I didn't resort to give Arissa powdered milk ...

In my own personal opinion, I dont think breastfeeding is a skill that is possesed naturally by all mothers. It is something that all new mom-to-be should learned. Its like riding a bike. U need to learn and relearn how to bike so that u wont fall .. So it is the same with breastfeeding.

I remember searching for articles and books on breastfeeding from either the internet or at the bookstore. All this was done before I was pregnant. I refused to believe that breastfeeing was easy. And I am thankful that I wasn't in the wrong .

From books and articles, I found out that there is a milk production systems in our body that controls supply of breastmilk. And this information is vital and essential for every mother to understand. Remember when we mommies always complaint about not having enough breastmilk to feed our child? Well, the key to that is the mommy herself. We are the owner of our own body. Thus we are the keys that can unlock and lock so many doors in our milk production system. In simple words,high or low breastmilk supply is actually something that can be controllable.

Of course, I did have my ups and downs in breastfeeding my child. But having the knowledge on successfull breastfeeding really helps me alot. There were times, when I was stress with breastfeeding. But then again, thank god hubby was always there to support me . He is my no. 1
breastfeeding suppoter. To breastfeed succesfully, every mommy needs a strong suppoter. And that role is best played by our hubby.

However, at the end of the day, breastfeeding is an individual decision. No doubt the best milk in the world is breastmilk. And the best food for baby under 6 months is breastmilk.
Don't feel bad that if we are unable to breastfeed our children. It doesn't make us a lesser parents. What is more important, be the best parents we can be and give to our child.

there's a saying in Islam, that a new born child is like a piece of white canvas. A piece of white canvas can be turned into beautiful art or the other way around. Thus, it is the painter's job to paint it beautifully so that the canvas can give values to others.

So, may each and one of us be the best painter for our children's sake. Amin.


rafiqaheliza said...

Oh, I really love this post. I'm obsessed over breastfeeding too. I failed in doing so with my eldest, sbb unlike u, i tak fully equip myself with the knowledge. But I try to rectify my mistake with my second one...alhamdulillah, sampai sekarang masih fully breastfeed. Intend nak tunggu sampai he's 20 months old before I start worrying about how to wean him off.

Nomee said...

2 days after I gave birth to Aiman, dia nangis je. I suspected my milk tak cukup. I pressed and pumped but setitik pun tak kuar. I was still in the hospital and I cried & cried. Government hospital does not allow powdered milk at all and my baby hungry! No choice, I gave him 2 teaspoons of water and he stop crying! It was a terrible feeling. I was not fully equip myself with knowledge, I regret it till now.(Even when I'm thinking about it now, I will have tears in my eyes).

emly2175 said...

Rafiqaheliza: glad to hear wanna bf your 2nd child until 20 months. Nothing can stop u from achieving it once the knowledge is in your hand. Kudos 2 u dear!

nomee: I pernah duduk kat Gov hspt for almost 2 weeks.My baby baru je dlm hari waktu tuh.. Dah rezeki I kot dpt nurse2 yg so helpful in guiding me da right way to BF my child. Like u dear, I get emotional whenever i think of my 2 weeks staying in GH.