Thursday, 26 July 2012

Anak perantau

This ramadan marks our family first ramadan away from our family members . All this while, it was us who read and heard news about other people performing their ramadan in foreign land. It never crossed my mind that we will get a chance to do it.

Being away from family makes the heart and mind missing mom's dishes. Eventhough we have gone back more than 3 times in the span of 7 months ofr living in Jakarta, i still miss my mom's cooking.

Hubby being his usual adventerous self , had brought us looking for local kueh mueh. On our first day of fasting which fall perfectly on saturday, we went bazar ramadan hunting. Came back zero result . Instead We bought murtabak bandung aka apam balik from the usual stall near our house.

On the next day, we found one which is located near pasar moderan. Bought and ate kolak pisang n someother local kuehs. Hemmm! I miss our local malaysian kueh la! Ours more tastier in flavour and choices too. That was our verdicts!

And no stalls selling those aromatic ikan bakar , thirst quencher balangs of drinks n good spread of kueh mueh..

Argh! I am missing our bazar ramadan food even if it is only murtabak , or air mata kucing or even roti boom. 

And i miss that bazar ramadan feeling... With all those smokes that make your eyes teary n nauseted your nose. And that food stalls operator calling out to customers to stop by and buy their food.. Argh!

I wonder what is the same food  that is being sold at the bazar ramadan this year. I remember some ramadan ago where nobody was selling roti bom.

Roti bom is favourite. And i was upset when all of sudden no one is selling it at the bazar ramadan that i normally go.

And for the ramadan after that, so many people are selling it! Talk about having the same mindset or clueless on what to sell when they applied for bazar ramadan license stall?

The same thing also happened at bazar ramadan at subang jaya. I can never remember the section. But it is near jm briani shop la..

So last ramadan there were so many nasi briani stalls compared to the year before. And less roti boom stall! I.did try the new briani stalls. But still the old stall is the best! I can only remember the akak's face who is the cashier for that stall when i went looking for her briani stall.

Hemm...being anak perantau, if one is craving for a certain dish or kuih, then one needs to make it.. So insya Allah we shall eat kuih keria for breaking fast tomorrow.. Got mamafami's recipe already!

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