Friday, 20 July 2012

Fasting date anouncement

Several hours ago you would find me glued to tv. Yeah! And this is something i seldom or rarely do in my entire life!  I do and did watch fasting date announcement. But there were time when I missed it .  And it is something that i take for granted.

Ya la...all because i know i can rely on my parents and siblings on the date confirmation.

But beinng and living in Jakarta, i cant do that anymore. Which is why i was glued to my tv since 6 pm this evening.

And it was an interesting experience too. Imagine having one party  people with a different islamic principles from the norm saying that puasa will start on Friday july 21st.  At this time, no national announcement had been made on tv by the government .  And there I was feeling confused watching and hearing what these group of people were saying.

Another interesting things was what happened after the date was announce by the ruler keeper or by the official. The ISBAT  ie the body that decide and make the announcement , had allowed debates among its members soon after the announcement. And this was live telecast on tv!

Ahahahah.....we dont get to see things like this in malaysia. And i pity the confusion that the young ones may be feeling. Even a foreigner like me is confused.

How come we can have a certain group of people who has started fasting yesterday wednesday july 20th? And another group of people who will start fasting tomorrow friday july 21st ? And the rest of us who fast on saturday july 22nd? Is this too much for a kid to handle?

Imagine going for your prayers at mosque tonight. You came because you want to sembahyang isyak berjemaah. But found out that they are doing sembahyang terawih?


One thing for sure, it's a tough and challenging job for indonesian prime minister to unite his very segregated and racial people. In general they look the same but actually different due to religion beliefs .

My neighbour may looked like a muslim to me for their looks are similar to malays. But who would have known that they could be hindu, or batak , or christian or even atheis free thinker?

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