Monday, 23 July 2012


He found new love who can shower him with loads of loves, hugs and kisses and play too..

And i am glad it came as early as we made the decision to give him away..

Last wednesday , my cat miette has found a new home. Most important and relief for us is that the new owner name fiza is a cat lover.

And somehow by coincidense, Miette resembles FiZa's old cat who had passed away. Allah itu Maha Kaya.  Fiza was excited when she found out about this.

We all are just so relief knowing that someone can love him like we do. For the past 7 months he didnt have us to play with. Especially my Aisyah who is the cat's favourite bulier.

Aisyah was just one year plus when we got our cats from my BIL.  We got two cats Miette n her brother who is now had passed away  2 months earlier.

The cats would missed Aisyah terribly everytime we went balik kampung during the weekends. My mil said the house will be scattered with papers n they will be looking for Aisyah around the house.

And aisyah will simply pull its legs and neck ..and the best part is our cats will just act motionless like no pain at all..And when she hugs, boy! It was really a hug ! And the cats just love it.

So how am i and hubby not thankful for this good news!

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