Sunday, 15 July 2012


Tonight is my last night of sleeping at our own house here in malaysia tanahairku... And eventhough i like it here more than my jakarta house, home is where the family is. Either in jakarta, or any other places.

And eventhough how i wish i can stay here up until after raya which i can too as Arissa will only attend school on Aug 29th, I dont want to if it means being away from my hubby.

Which is why i am surprised and shocked to hear what one lady friend of mine said to me : she will ( is by now) be staying in malaysia until after raya and wouldnt care of leaving her hubby behind all by himself in jakarta. I pity her husband moreover puasa/fasting month will be here soon. Wouldnt it be sad to fast and break fast without your children and wife?

Of course i can understand from where and why she is acting like that. But i just cant accept why she should do it. Even if you are stress with something, family should still be your number one priority.

I do understand that we SAHM do need our little time out here and there. But family should be the ultimate reason when we are making any decision. And not individual or our ownselves should come first.

So i will be sleeping at the same bed size like what i have in my malaysia house  tomorrow in jakarta. Of course i am sad to leave this place as no more kedai mamak until my next trip home. But i am happy as my hubby will be with us . And our family will be complete like a unit!

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