Friday, 21 September 2012

Double standard

Its a pity that they get treated double standard from their own people!

Yeah! How shock i was to hear it coming from my mommies friends here. It aint their fault that they are married to bule man or white white or foreigner.

But it is not you or anyone that have a right to judge poeple by their looks! You n me are not God ( even He  did not do these) !

These ladies will be look upon or perceive by others as nany or maid by their own local people. And these local people are educated people who at least have a diploma or degree.

By right we should people equally . And not straight away think them differently.

Imagine you are queuing up in a line at the bank with your  baby in the stroller. And suddenly the bank officer or one of customers said hi to the man behind you and asked him is that baby or child is his!

Or imagine the supervisor of the apartment where you lived knocked at your door. And asked you in a harsh manner of where the house owner is. Suddenly along came your child running n calling you mommy. You can imagine the look on the supervisor's face when he thought you were the maid and not the house owner..

Really i pity my friends! Which make me think do they think that i am my children's nanny when i pick them up at school?

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