Sunday, 7 October 2012

One year old

Today is my youngest child's birthday.

My Alya is one year old today.

Tuk Umi was here with us .

We were in Gandaria City Mall.

Arissa and Aisyah went to Lollipop with Baba. While Mama and Tuk Umi together with Alya went for tea.

At one year old she will hold strongly to what is in her hand. Alya wont let go . The sharing concept is still new to her. InsyaAllah she will understand "that sharing is caring"!

And again she is little bit under the weather. Had slightly fever since early this week. And flu too.

Thesedays you can almost understand her baby talk. That you can make out what she is saying. And she is talking n calling to her sisters. And how Alya easily laugh at Aisyah's tactics.

Alya is lucky to have her two funny sisters. My eldest likes to make funny dance and sounds ..while my second girl is always the lucu bangat one.

Currently mama is trying to make alya gain more weight. So thesedays alya's food is more aromatic and flavour too compared to aisyah's baby food . Same recipes but mama tweak or modify it a bit. All after she read about making baby food more flavour  than before. 

And now just as we say good night, i have only one wish for Alya. May her pda condition improved with hole slowly closing up. Amin.

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