Saturday, 7 January 2012

Life & Live from Jakarta

Today is day eigth of my life in Jakarta.

We arrived here last Saturday Dec 31st 2011 on Garuda Airlines.Why Garuda?Well, all because  dearest hubby had found out that each seat in the flight comes with its personal tv screen. Judging from the flight interior, i think they had it redesigned. One think that it is not hard to notice is the steward & stewardes. They are in their late 30's with average looks. hahah.. I always think that they will be handsome & pretty like Ken & Barbie!

The first few days of my life without being able to stay connected to FB was horrible. I felt so loss! hahha..Hubby had a great laugh at this. I was at a new place. Living a new life. And there was no FB to make me feel like home in a new country. Alhamdulillah.. Now I got my FB back after hubby got my new local hp no.

And we are staying in what is called as Jakarta Golden Triangle..

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