Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ibu RumahTangga

I am wearing a new shoes these days.. And it’s a well-known brand that is recognized all over the world.

I have just started wearing it just a day before new year . Before year 2012. So far the shoes fit nicely with me. It fits nicely that I hardly notice any bruises on my toes which a new pair normally leave.

Have been wearing it every day without failed. Wanna know what brand is it?

New shoes aka SAHM status!

I am a stay at home mother/mom/mama. I am also the Finance Minister, the Event Planner, the Nanny, the BFF and also the EVIL MONSTER!!! Hahahahah.. My cousin called it “ naga berapi” aka the fire dragon. But I can be my girls fairy god mother too in a split seconds..

Anyway, I have to say that I barely notice or feel the differences in my new work..Yep! It is a work indeed. And it’s a hard work too..I really don’t know why is it that I do not notice any transition phase from being a working mother to a SAHM now.

By right I should be feeling something. But none with me. Is it because of the apartment where I am living currently? I do believe that it makes me feel like I am on a holidays. But you do not do lotsa cooking when on holiday’s right?

Maybe because I have been so busy with Arissa’s school finding.. Yep..We, err r more to I actually as hubby needs to be in the office. So I did a lot of school hunting for Arissa.

Need to pick the right school for her in the sense that the school’s education systems shouldn’t be different from Malaysian school system. This is vital as we want a smoother transition for Arissa when we come back to Malaysia for good once my husband’s contract expired.

This is why we did not pick any international school even though we can do that.

Back to my new shoes aka new status as SAHM, I feel like I am born for it ..hahahhahah… All because the shoes fit nicely and no any red marks/bruises on my toes and feet.

And I did a lot of cooking in the sense we have teas too. I really do not mind making cekodok or apambalik or any type of food that is specially requested by my two girls. But I wish I can have all my cooking gadgets ASAP. All of it is still in the warehouse waiting to be shipped here. And it will be shipped once we found a nice house . This can only be settled once we get Arissa’s school confirmed!!

I used to be worried about being a SAHM. Worried what will become of me. What if I become bored of it. But I don’t deny that could happen to me once Arissa starts her school. Argh!

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