Saturday, 21 January 2012

Teh Tarikh RM10

I mentioned how food  is expensive here. Well, raw or cooked, almost everything on the supermarket shelves are expensive.

I had the greatest idea of using locally made in indonesia stuff for cooking. Nevetheless to say, i got a shock when these locally Indofood brands are expensive too. So at last, i resort to  what is cheaper. Does not matter the brand or whether it is imported or local products.

Even my indonesian maid got a shocked of her life when she found out how expensive the fresh cabe merah is. Of course the place where you buy it does play a major factor in the price. But things here are  expensive. I have made comparison of Carrefour located in Kuningan area ( upmarket) with Carrefour located in middle class market. And yes, its cheaper there. I just can't wait to do my groceries shopping at the pasar once we get our house..

About the teh tarik..yes, it is priced like that. Thank goodness it is sedap and served in big glass. Not in small glass like in some kedai mamak ok..

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