Monday, 23 January 2012

Ah Mei in Jakarta

I am not refering to the Hong Kong singer.

But I am refering to this singapore brand restaurant located here in Oakwood in Mega Kuningan.

Remember when i mentioned how expensive food is here, well, so far the food at Ah Mei is delicious and big portion too.Which is why i told dearest hubby how i dont mind eating there when the food is worth what we paid.
They even have roti canai/prata and the Ah Mei milk tea is so sedap. It's milk tea which is it's house brand is similar to teh ais. Even its teh tarik is sedap..

I remember eating at Plaza Senayan food court. The place is similar to KLCC & Pavillion. But the size of the food court is smaller than in KLCC or Pavillion. The food is expensive and smaller in portion. One need to spend like around 40,000.00 rupiah for a meal.

I would love to try the local food that is sold at the gerobak.But do not dare if i will get stomachache. So far me and hubby only dare to buy local food from the food court only.. I still do not like the alpukat or avacado drinks. The lemak taste does not suits my tastebud somehow. But hubby loves it..

I have been going to malls just to check what kind of brands do they have in there.. And sometimes I don;t do lunch even though my two girls are with me. Hubby of course la  is at work.. I either make sure my girls eat some food before going out or we come back home to eat  for lunch. It is no worth paying for lunch at most of the big malls. But what I did is i buy for ourselves some treats like ice blended or some bakery. Only 1 ice blended ye!

My friend here commented how she prefers to stay at home rather than going to malls..Well, she has been staying here for 6 years. And i am at the 1st phase of checking out the malls. Actually I am not a shopaholic. But I am eager to see for myself what has been said by other about the size of jakarta shopping malls. Memang besar bangat!

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Puteri said...

i never know how to enjoy jakarta! lemas!! maybe u can share some tips :)