Sunday, 22 January 2012



I have been doing lotsa cooking thesedays.. How not to when my eldest requested this and that. But I really do not mind at all ..In fact I just enjoy cooking it for them.. which is why this new hat as a ibu rumah tangga fits me so well!!! hahahahah...

Anyway, things here are so expensive . And I hate wasting my husband hard earned money like we are pouring water to our flowers or like the water tap where we leave it on when we are brushing our teeth. Ops! but not me. As I dont leave it on while brushing my teeth.

I did my own apam balik for two solid reasons. First reason is because the ready-to-make apam balik flour sold on the supermarket shelf is so expensive and secondly , actually one can make their own apam balik flour too.You just refer back to the box for its ingredient. Which I did that. So apam balik is just like pancake. Except you excluded the milk or buttermilk & eggs.

So yeah, Arissa is having the marvelous time of getting me to cook this and that. I have been making apam balik these whole week. Last week was the cekodok cheese flavour...Yep! it is cekodok cheese which u just subtitute pisang/banana with cheese. OOh! It's so nice.

I have been planning to make this since my confinement period. It was put up in my cousin's blog and the recipe is purely created by my aunty.. You need to use kraft cheedar cheese for this.. Here the kraft cheddar cheese is so expensive. It's  cost about RM5 ringgit more than in Malaysia..And i did try the made-in Indonesia kraft cheddar cheese which is totally  tak sedap. So my next substitute will be the Bego brand. Will use it next when Arissa requested for it.

But I can't bake in this apartment as there is no oven. Plus all my cooking gadgets are still inside the boxes in the warehouse. So not all types of food & cooking I can do . I am limited by the gadgets and also by the food stuff that is not widely available or not available at all here in Jakarta.

Mind you all, that I have yet to see cili kering or dried chili which is the main ingredient to make sambal tumis. Sambal tumis is Arissa's all time favourite. She can have it on a daily basis.  I do not know what I will have to use when we ran out of it  later. We have packed a good amount of cili kering .But it is at the warehouse. And the frozen & cooked sambal tumis that is lovingly cooked by my MIL is almost finishing . In fact the blended cili kering is almost finishing too.. Hubby gave an idea of using cabe merah here. This I will resort in the near future..hehheh

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