Tuesday, 13 December 2011

the day before my last day

sedih pulak rasanya..

well, i will only be working TOMORROW Wednesday Dec 14th for the final , last time.

and i feel sad as i look at the time now. It's 5.07 pm. Office ends at 5.15pm. Eventhoough i still have one last day to work , to serve as an employee here at my company, I feel sad ...

dah la sibuk ngajar orang lain mcm mana nak buat keje..

I still have not received the approval letter to my unpaid leave application. I am applying for a  2 years of unpaid leave. Only managed to see my CEO yesterday petang . I got to know this big jakarta news on last monday petang pun. And my CEO wasn't around last monday petang.

So now , I am just waiting for the important news .. Either i get it or not, I will still have to follow my hubby to the new country which is just our neighbouring country.

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