Tuesday, 6 December 2011

the race is on

i can barely breathe for this week..

all because of that one big important news that finally came through.. and it came earlier than expected.

Kudos to dearest hubby for doing an impressive job so far since last September.. for that reason la we got the news early..

and for that reason la this week is one hectic week it has been for me.. Plus, i am busy with account closing. And to make it more hectic, this is my 1st week of work after 2 month of maternity leave.. last monday was my 1st day at work..

and around 4 pm today as i was busy going through my costing report, dearest hubby called.. we need to get Alya's passport done ASAP!

and i was like " what?" .   the sooner we have it done, the better and easier it is for the HR people to process & proceed with other important things relating to our move there..

While driving back home, my mind was already thinking this and that..planning this and that.. I can't afford to take leave tomorrow or any other day in this week. Dec 7th is the closing day for us. And after that, i need to settle other work related matter to account  closing too.

Which was why I decided to take Alya's photo tonight. Everyone had to follow. The girls did not want to be left behind. And judging at the time, we need a driver to drive us as parking would be impossible at that  hour.. it was 630 pm when we left home..So my MIL did the driving. And my maid followed too as she will take care of the two big sisters..

The 1st shop that we went did not do baby photo.Actually they dont know how to take one. This i realised after we drove to another photo shop located in another place.

I had to hold Alya against the blue back drop. And the photographer assistant who is the photographer's mom was busy distracting Alya with a rattler. Why? coz alya was crying at that time.. We got a nice photo of Alya with her eyes open. The old lady did tell me that it's fine if the baby's eyes are closed. But me just being worried as all this thing is new to me, asked his son to take another shot..Alhamdulillah , one of the shots was better..

and later i found out from fb posting on this matter that it's all fine if the baby's eyes is closed. The imigration staff will accept the photo..

and i have not managed to inform my head of dept about this.. why? too busy to sit down with her..maybe will talk to her tomorrow. any how, she is aware and has been informed of this possibility of me moving to jakarta..

tired i am ...i just have to follow my list ..

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