Thursday, 22 January 2009

My curly Sue

Who would have thought that our lil girl will be having curly hair! Both me and my hubby was surprised that her hair turned from straight to curls!

She had beenhaving less hair since birth and that wasn't a surprise for us as both of us were hairless or had less hair when we were small.

And her hair so far was straight since birth. Only a couple of months back did it turned into curls.

Anyway, it's in the gene which inherited from my hubby's side. It seems that this hairstyle skipps from one generation to another generation.

All of my hubby's siblings have straight hair. But the aunties and uncles have curly hair.I didn;t occur to me in the 1st place as a few of my BIL's children are having curly hair. In fact my 1st SIL does have curly hair. So it's natural for me to think that those kids got it from their mom. However, it only hit me that my daughter got her curly hair from her tok ummi once her straight hair turned into curls ...

Strangers have been asking us whether we permed her hair..I can't blame them for thinking like that as me & her baba have straight straight. But it's so weird why some parents would permed their less than 5 year old children's hair or even did rebonding or whatever la with their kids hair! I pity those kids as their hair is natural and in great shape when compared to adult's hair.

The weirdest comment we ever encountered was from the hair stylist. We brought Arissa for her 1st salon hair cut..I know other kids her age have been hundreds times to hair salon. But for Arissa, the need never arrised as her hair was always less and fine too since birth. And we only need to cut it at home.

Back to the hairstylist. Wanna guess what he said after cutting our girl's hair? He said that our daughter can do rebonding or hair straightening when she is big.. Aiyoh! That is still so far ahead la...

Anyway, what she will do with her hair once she is all grown up is all up to her... But I don;t think I will allow her to do all those things to her hair when she is still in school. What's important is that for her to keep her goldilocks in good healthy clean shape.

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