Thursday, 5 February 2009

Blame it on AA & MAS

Argh!!!! Tension nyer!!! A few of my staffs ( those who are single & have less life commitments) are fully making use of the best travel offers from AA & MAS !!!!

Imagine going for holidays more than 3 times in a year! How I envy them... :(

Two of my staffs went to Indonesia last January 2009. And now they have already booked & paid for their next vacation to Ho Chi Minh in middle of this year! Argh!!!

Of course I did have my vacation last month... But with my current pregnant status, it's not advisable to travel by plane even though i'm only into my 3rd months...

p/s: busy checking out info on Krabi after reading superzac's blog...


toughcookie said...

firstly, congrats on the pregnancy. sorry for the late wish!

pasal tiredness tu, normal la babe... it's the age. many of my friends complained of the same thing. so for me to even think of getting pregnant again, kena fikir 2-3 kali.

pasal electric breast pump tu... i may be the weirdest woman but the double electric pump i used didn't help me much in the milk production. somehow, by expressing both at the same time, stresses my milk production - my milk became lesser! 2 friends cited the same problem. i noticed that only when i use a single-manual pump, my milk production is stimulated to produce more quantity. strange, but so true.

since $$ is not the case, i guess it's ok to get a double pump since it can also be used as a single pump, and it also has additional accessories in case you decide to express manually. at least you can see what works for you.

take care ya, babe.

emly2175 said...

thanks dear.. still unsure to buy or not the double pump as i still have the avent manual pump.

you've got me thinking of Jada's frozen icecubes la... heheheh..