Thursday, 12 February 2009

i like to move it move it..

ring ring ring.....

Arissa: Hello Mama! I'm ok..

Mama: Hello Sayang! How do u know it's me?

Arissa : Mama, I have eat(eaten my ) rice..

Mama : That's good Sayang. Can u dance for me ' I like to move it move it" ?

Arissa : she went on to dance and sing to that tune...giggling

Mama: Smiling. Do u feel any pain at your back?

Arissa: No Mama. Mama, Where is your boss?

Mama: My Boss? gigling . She is here.Working. Why Sayang?

Arissa : I want to talk to her.

Mama: She is working Sayang.

Arissa : Ok.. I wanna go now.. Bye Mama..

Mama: Bye Arissa.

Above was what happened today. I called her from office. She had a fall yesterday nite before brushing her teeth. A fall that could have been prevented if I was more careful & alert with her.. I'm still so sedih and kesal with that incident. My hope and pray is that she will be ok.. Amin

Lately she likes to ask about my boss. For example she asked about my boss yesterday nite as we were walking down the staircase for dinner. She asked how was the boss. I told her that my boss was ok.. Reason to her question was beacause me and her Tuk Umi have told her that my boss will be angry with me if I am late for work...

Arissa, being her normal self, doesn't like me going to work . Thus she will try to delay me in the morning by asking me to take her for a short ride around the neighbourhood , wanna help me to stir my mug of choc milk, asking me to feed her breakfast and me to eat my breakfast. I normally take choc milk and no food as it's too early in the morning.My tummy just can't eat that much around 7 am . Thus I normally pack the breakfast to office.

So this thing about my boss is the lastest issues that she likes to ask from me..

Arissa :Mama boss will be angry if mama is late for work

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