Tuesday, 20 January 2009

My Bandung trip with the DH ladies

I went to Bandung last Friday Jan 16… Came back on Sunday night . Thanks to the normal and typical of 1 hour delay with AA flight. So how was my Bandung trip with my DH ladies?
Oh! It was a full 3 days of shopping for us! Alhamdulillah, we managed to squeeze in some time for spa as a treat for our tired bodies!!!

We took the morning flight from LCCT. And boy! We really didn’t waste any of our precious time once landed safely in Bandung’s soil… What did we do? Go shopping la!!!!

We went to Rumah Mode. I have to say that Rumah Mode is a must place to go for any shopper who comes to Bandung. Do not avoid nor forget to shop there! It is the best place to find branded clothing under one roof. Burberry, Gap, Esprit, LV, Hugo, Hermes. Just name whatever expensive brands u can see in KLCC or Pavillion and it’s all there in Rumah Mode at a very unbelievable cheap price. A price u would not see here in our country…

Yeah! The prices are dirt cheap that u just can’t help not to pick & buy whatever that your eyes can see and your hands can’t help not to pick up!!!

But be careful too , as they do have unfamiliar brands and even Bonia or Bossini brand or Marks & Spencer brands there too..

What if I tell you that a Hermes collar T-shirt IDR95,000.00 will only cost you about RM30 ? Yes, that was the price in Rumah Mode in Bandung. Do not rub your eyes! Murah , murah!!!!

Thus, u can easily spend around IDR1 million in Rumah Mode. Just pray hard that they have new stocks for u.. Like for me, there were not many choices for my 3 and half old girl.. there were no nice jeans for her!

And I think u will need almost one day of shopping there. A half day of shopping is not enough in Rumah Mode.. Apart from that, the place do have nice restaurants too. They even have a shop similar to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbuck there.. I think it was Java Coffee..

2nd best place to shop is Pasar Baru . It’s like that pasar in Terenganu and Pasar Siti Khadijah in Kelantan. However, here in Pasar Baru, u have abour 8 floors to shop and bargain. Yes, do bargain if u wanna get the price cheaper than the already cheap price. U can get nice variety of telekung bersulam , lace, chiffon , imitation handbags, batik lepas, tudung, kain baju kebaya bersulam , snacks and many more ..

Other factory outlets worth to shop will be Heritage, Cascade & Paris Van Java .. The rest of F.O’s are worth visiting if only you have spare time to kill.

Food wise, there’s a lot of good eating places to eat. Best & safe to stick to restaurants rather than those hundreds of stall by the road side… The stalls are everywhere. This Bandung scene is utterly different from Malaysia. We don’t dare to eat from those stalls for hygienic reasons. I didn’t see watertap at all.. All I saw were pails for water.. They wash the used & dirty plates & cups from a pail of water.. And we can’t help not to think , was the food were the leftovers from yesterday as there are just too many stalls. The stalls are next to one another…

For 3 days we had Sunda & Padang food. We did not try Pak cik Met ikan bakar in pasar baru foodcourt. But we did try the Simpang Raya restaurants ( they have so many branches in Bandung ) , Arum manis ( nice view but pricey) and Istana Ayam Pop . The food is delicious but some are a bit sweet & salty too.. The drinks except tea are so sweet. I guess Bandung people like their food & drinks to be sweet & salty.. Imagine there’s a teaspoonful of sugar on your plate of kuihtew goring.

Their orange juice is different than here as they don’t use the Sunkist type of oranges. They uses the kampong type of oranges.

One thing that makes Bandung special is the accessibility of mussola/surau . It is easy to perform your prayers at any public places . All FO's and restaurants have it. And it's comfortable too.

The must buy brownies from kartika sari and Amanda. We did go and buy them( not me). And bandung people buy their brownies like us buying goreng pisang panas for tea time. Both have their own buildings and restaurants/ café. Food & prices was ok too..

Not forgetting, spa. If u have ample time, go for a spa.. Like us, we went to a full body spa which only cost us below RM100 . And some of my DH ladies even did ozone hair treatment . That is why it is best to put aside around IDR1 million for top to toe spa treatment . As for me, my Strawberry Spa treatment cost only RM130 ( tax included) . The same spa treatment would cost here around RM300 !

What else to share? As this was a shopping trip, therefore we did not go to Kawah Putih/Tangkuban Perahu . Maybe I would do that with my family...

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Cath J said...

Thank you for the Bandung Info.. ^_^.. I am going to Bandung nxt mth and now collecting some shopping spot hahaha..

have a nice day.. ^_^