Wednesday, 21 January 2009

It’s sure different the 2nd time around

Yeah, I’ve been told that it would be different when you are pregnant again. And how each pregnancy would be different from one another and for different woman too.

So here I am, 10 weeks into my pregnancy . And boy! Things are absolutely different from my 1st pregnancy… Who would have thought I would be having a restless sleep during week 4. Yeah, I was finding it hard to have a good nite sleep. Suddenly sleeping in one position wasn’t that comfortable at all.. I was tossing from right n then to the left side then back on lying flat on the bed.. And somehow standing for a good 10 minutes or 2 minutes of squatting down had me feeling tired so much.. This was week 4 & 5 .. Reason why I squat is because I have to wait for my daughter doing her pee pee & poo poo in the toilet ;) It’s dangerous to leave her unattended in the toilet as she might slip and fall on the floor. Alhamdulillah , now all is ok in this department..

I’m experiencing the same symptom with my taste bud.. Again , the sambal dish and oily food and berempah food doesn’t taste nice nor looks appealing to me.. I’m in the stage of not having a craving for food. Not one particular food. All food ! I’m used to be craving for ice blended, or Mac D’s burgers & sundae or ice creams. But those are not within me at the moment.
Thus, do I eat? Of course la..I have to eat for the lil fella who is growing inside. These days I eat for the sake of the baby. Not for the pleasure of eating!

Alhamdulillah, I gained back some muscle and lost weight after hitting back the gym since last year. I’m still going and planning to go for my aerobics classes. Will only stop when my tummy is too big.. I need to keep myself in good shape and have enough stamina for labor. I’ve seen the benefits of exercise during my 1st pregnancy. Thus, I just hope I’ll able to do it again this time around.

There are so many things to prepare with our baby’s birth. But I’m still not doing a single thing. I haven’t even look at all Arissa’s old baby clothing. Part of me still thinks that August is still far away. And that I can always do it when I’m in my 6 month pregnancy. HAHAHAH..

However, I have started doing some research on electric breast pump. Prefer double pumps as two pumps can save more time. Plus I will be able to express more milk too. So many things to buy in these department too.. Will need to look out for special sales or discount on these from various web sites & shops too.. I do realize that electric pump will cost more than a manual one. But since I’m 100% pro-breast milk, money is not an issue. As long as I can get a better bargain for it, that would be fine for me..Dah la 2009 is recession year!

I have to say that my mood and feelings are not like what I had gone through when carrying Arissa. Maybe because of the tiredness that I feel now and then.. Feeling tired can easily spoil my mood. I get irritated easier. Sometimes I lose my patience with Arissa..Which I shouldn’t be too as sometimes she is just being a kid.. All these give valid reason for me to keep on exercising!

Baby name? That will have to wait…

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