Monday, 19 January 2009

Is IDR4.5 million enough for shopping in Bandung?

So, is it enough? I would say that the amount is enough for prudent shopper like me. But not to a shopaholic. They would need around IDR10 million when shopping in Bandung. I will tell u why after this…

In Bandung, u can find all the expensive brands that u see in KLCC & Pavillion. LV, Channel, Hermes, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Old Navy, Gap , Gucci, etc . And these expensive brands are so cheap, way much cheaper in Bandung compare to in Malaysia. The prices make you feel like you are paying for Renoma, Bossini, any Isetan Brands or Jusco brands or any brands we normally find at Jusco and Isetan.

An LV belt for men cost only IDR150,000 . So that would be around RM48 ( rate 320 ). A Hugo Boss Jeans is around IDR190,000.00 which is around RM61 … As for kids clothing u can get below IDR50,000.00 (RM16) …

Based on the above, any shopaholic would go ga- ga seeing these unbelievable prices. Thus, these people wouldn’t mind to get another pink T-shirt with the big printed Logo on the chest when they already have a pink t-shirt under brand like Renoma.

And if u really buy all those brands under IDR100,000.00 , you can really get a LOT with just shopping money of IDR4 million or IDR5 million. Mind you, these exclude food & lodging & transport and aiport tax. That u will need to put aside around IDR500,000.00 . Airport tax is only IDR60,000.00 . But be prepared for excess luggage cost. U may end up paying more for this. But then, there is always way to avoid paying for the excess luggage ( u only get first 15kg FOC with AirAsia).

The trick is not to use your trolley luggage which is already 7-10 kg in weight without things inside. Thus, best to use any non trolley bags! Just use any good durable canvas & fabric bags that have good zipper! For my recent Bandung trip, I managed to avoid paying for excess luggage as I used canvas bag.. U can get a lot with 15 kg of clothings! Jeans & telekung are heavy !!!!! And canvas bag saved my day!!!

Are those clothings or stuffs there are rejected items? Maybe 0.5% . I only found one pile of Old Navy T-shirt that have collar baju yg terkoyak sikit.

Back to the question earlier, based on my recent Bandung trip ( I just got back last nite) , having shopping money of IDR 7 – 8million is just nice for any average shopaholics. But for a prudent shopper like me, IDR4 -5 million is ok..That’s include a 2 and half hours of spa at Roger’s Spa in Jalan Dago!!!!


toughcookie said...

i thought those branded stuff are all fake goods? that's why they are so cheap. that was what told to me by friends who went there before to shop.

emly2175 said...

Clothing at FO's not fake.. but the handbags at pasar baru yes..
is the bear inside her cute mouth now?

toughcookie said...

hehe no... she's now asleep after a good lunch.