Saturday, 1 November 2008

MPH warehouse sales

What do I see from my shopping trip to the MPH warehouse sales? Less of Malay facess! ;) How my own race was the monority buyers over there when it comes to books. Rugi diaorng tak datang.

The book sales was good actually. Infact me and hubby spent alot on that day. We got great books at a very low prices. Imagine spending spending less than RM200 for almost 12 books?

And what i like most was one book that i accidently found inside one of the many boxes on the floor . Books inside the boxes were sold at a very low prices. So founding that book was like me winning a treasure hunt!!!

Yeah, it's a foot reflexology book. That is why i put up the photo upthere... It's worth it to learn about foot massage. Why? For simple reason : we can massage our spouse's tired body! Refresh the body via foot massaging .

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