Wednesday, 12 November 2008

New house with new neighbours

I know it is still early to say this. But I'm kinda thankful and like my neighbours. The wives especially. Since the Malay families are the minority in my housing area community, we the ladies of the house have formed a email circle group. Thus, we will be replying & forwarding emails on a daily basis so far..

Of course there are one or two who are not so freindly & warm in personality. That can't be helped and avoided in any neighbourhood. But I am surprised to see that most of my DH ladies are really freindly and warm and easy to talk too. We all know how us women can detech straight away another person's personality during the 1st gathering or meeting. It's so easy to tell if that lady is bitchy or gatal type just by judging the way they talk and their body languages. For men it will be a different thing. Exclude my hubby pls :0

Last Saturday , one of the malay neighbours had a kenduri kesyukuran & house warming cum raya open house too. The food was home cooked & prepared by closed friends & neighbours too. What make it interesting was that we the ladies came to help on the night before the kenduri day.

It was interesting to see us busy talking about that event via emails on Friday. Imagine working ladies eager to come to that neighbour's house just to help with the cooking. It's like gotong royong for a kenduri at kampung! And yes, that was what the atmosphere was like at our neighbour's house on that malam Sabtu hari Jumaat.

There we were cutting onions, potatos, kunyit etc. It was so like mcm at kampung ... And it was a bit strange too as not very often we will experience this in this city life! For someone like me who used to grow up in kampung, all those things sounded so familiar to me.. It was so goood!!
Even my DH ladies too were having fun ...

What else do I like about my DH ladies so far? Well, at the very moments, Rini is busy checking for flight to Bandung. Yep! The DH ladies are planning a shopping trip to Bandung sans husbands & kids. It will be a 3 days 2 nites trip .

Am I going? Yes! That is after discussing it with my other half.. Only after much talk and discussion, did I decided to go. It's has never been easy to leave hubby & Arissa behind. And I always be feeling like this whenever I had to go for a business trip outstation. Will Arissa be ok? Will he be ok? Those are the kinds of questions that will go spinning inside my head.

Dearest hubby said take this as like a mini get-away for me . To relax and unwind and simply to enjoy myself with the other housewives. Shopping theraphy? I don't think so. Most of the time, it's me who end up not buying anything whenever I go shopping with others. How my sis and my friends will complain about this for making them spend so much !

Btw, what is DH? Well , I thought it was for D' Harmonives ... But it was actually Desperate Housewives!!


toughcookie said...

menariknya cerita you ni... kat mana daa... siap boleh plan pi makan angin lagi...

emly2175 said...

almost everyday we email each other. More so when we have this Bandung trip ..