Monday, 17 November 2008

SCI Kitchen again

The guy from SCI who supposed to come today to install my glass shelves & do other touch up plus fix my 6 kitchen drawers DID NOT show up today. I had to make several phone calls to the factory just to find out if he is coming as promised earlier. And I even try to call that guy since morning . But as usual, he switched off his handphone. And only when I called the salesperson that I made the deal/sales with, did i finally know that the guy was on MC. How could the factory people didn't tell me about this early is the morning. Normally employees will inform their office if they couldn't come to work on that particullar day. So don't blame me for thinking that the SCI people doesn't give a damn about fixing my paid RMXX k kitchen cabinets!!

The guy actually promised to come on Saturday Nov 15, 2008. But he didn't come on last minute notice . Imagine today & Saturday, we had to wait for them. We had wasted our precious time just to have them fixed our kitchen cabinets.

So when are they going to come again? Well, according to the salesperson there A!N! , she will reconfirmed on the next date. Imagine how would u feel when she said that the next available date is Saturday Nov 22, 2008! Meaning to say I have to wait for almost a month just to get my drawers fixed, my glass shelves to be install & loose handles & doors to be fixed and all the other touch-up that they are supposed to do..

Gosh!!! I can only pray to HIM that this things wont be drag on much further.

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