Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My life today

Lunch was at Biba's Cafe today . It was a business lunch with our bankers.. Main reason on why we choosed it was because of the location which is near to my office. Plus we never had eaten at this hotel before.
So how was the buffet lunch? Not worth the money that our bankers paid for.The food spread was so biasa2 aje for a 5 star hotel like MO. I was suprised to see the food there. To give it a Japanese appeal, they had the sushi station there. But small section only and limited choices too. And as usual they have the salad bar. The rest of the other food can easily be found in any other 3 star hotel or one like in Istana Budaya.
And as usual , I got stomachache whenever I ate the oysters. I had TWOOOO!!! Unlucky me.
And thanks for blogging thingy, I came across one familiar face that I sometimes see at Elin's blog. I'm sure it was your hubby la dear..

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