Tuesday, 4 November 2008

SCI Kitchen

I'm soooooo fed up with this kitchen cabinet company. They have not finished installing my cabinet since August 2008. Imagine now is November 2008 . And they have not yet finished doing my kicthen cabinet.

Dah lah it's like day light robbery for me as we have paid full payment for the kitchen & wardrobe cabinets. They said its the policy for customer to make 60% payment after closing the deal. And balance of 40% payment need to be maid a week before the installation process.

My misery started when they sent us the cincai installer to install the cabinet for the kitchen & wardrobe. That installer just wanna get his work done & be paid straight away without doing it properly. So imagine now how one of the top corner kitchen cabinet is not alligned & senget. Even the finishing work of this 1st intallers was bad & lousy.

This kitchen & wardrobe installation too made me to apply unneccesaary leave . I had exhausted my limited & precious leave just for the sake of them. Have u heard kitchen installation that took one month to intall? This is minus all the touch up of sharp corners & edges.

Another things that I hate most about this SCI is the staffs itself. From the lorry drivers to factory workers to the big boss himself( i heard it is a lady boss ) . The lorry driver will just park the lorry suka hati dia at your porch. With that, one of our tiang porch dah ada holes & scratched. And the staffs who punggah the piles of barang for installation just punggah sukahati dia. They dropped the kayu2 with a big bang on our newly tiles floor. And our grills also was scratched by their carelessness.

The staffs? Well, don't even think la if they will call u as promised . It happened to me till today. I had to call them when they didn't call me back as promised. Come on la...

And another things that just irk me is that the staffs will blames other staffs & come up with all excuses when we asked why the call was not made as promised.

U can figure it out yourself how much me & hubby have paid when we had the SCI to do the whole house cabinets. 3 rooms cabinets. And one 22 feet long kitchen cabinet! Our hard earn money being daylight robbed by SCI.

What about the big boss of SCI? That person also promised to call us. But did he honor his words? NOPE!

So please, please ! try not to use SCI if u can avoid it. The we chosed them in the 1st place was because it has been in this business for 10 years. But that doesn;t match up with its poor quality of workmanship & customer service. Of course the price is one of the affordable one.. And u may be tempted to use them judging at the look of their advertisement be it in the leading English newpapers & impiana & dapur magazines.

They still owe me my glass cabinets. I've been calling them since Friday last week. Yes. Again they promised to call me back to arrange on the installation. But no phone call until they close their shop on that Friday. And yesterday, I called them again. Same promises were made by them to me. I had to call the salesman whom I deal with for help. So? Did any of the SCI customer service staff call me before the day ends yesterday? NOOOOOOO !

And after 2 months, my kitchen drawers surface dah tertanggal! It should have been screwed but they only stappled it!!! Yep ! They stappled it!!!! And I only put my fork and spoon there which only enough to cater 12 peoples only... EEEEEEEEE! Geramnya!

Of course to non meticilous eyes, my kitchen & wardrobe cabinets look pretty . But if u really look at the details inside out, it is badly done. And our hard earned money!!!!

More to come next: MACY..


toughcookie said...

Laaa.. you didn't tell me you were looking for kitchen cabinet contractors or i'd definitely recommend mine. the girl who serviced us was pro-active, knows what to advise and quite flexible. i heard so many problems among friends when it comes to contractors but ours were manageable. even a friend who used signature kitchen praised my contractor. i wrote about it long time ago, http://lifeoutintheopen.wordpress.com/2007/06/26/in-love-again/.

sabo eh...

emly2175 said...

Juan: we really didn't expect those things to happen actually. Dah buat homework pun.But then dah nasib we all ..So sabar aje la kan.. ;(

bunga daisy said...

huhu...i baru nak hire sci ni...bile tgk ur review..takut la plak..tp harge dia i dah survey cheaper than others