Friday, 31 October 2008

Natural Benefit

It's not easy for me to really fall head over heels with makeup foundation. But today, I did. Some kind-a gorgeous deep! The best part is i dont see the powder on my face.
Went shopping today at KLCC. The plan was to check out the face foundation. All this current & sudden urge was due to the seminar that I attended for the last two days. Corporate Image Seminar! I must say that was the only seminar from so many seminars that I had attended that had me really glued to my chair and to the presenter.
Back to the foundation. I bought it because its a 2-in-1 thing for me.. I need something quick & fast to be applied in the morning. So this foundation fits the bill. And why this brand? My friend has been using it for ages. And with that I give it a try at the makeup counter.
Another reason was that it make me look pretty in a natural way. It didn't hide all my flakey spots . But it did give that natural silky refresh & young look.. !
No wonder it was picked as Elle Top 5 products & 2008 best beauty buys by The M'sian Women's weekly mag!

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