Monday, 20 October 2008

Black Magic , Sihir

For the 1st time in my working life , I have never been so worried & afraid & distraught about my working environment. No doubt I have heard & read about sihir . But I have never thought it can happened in my office.

Yeap, right under my nose! And to the most shocking news that I just can't believe is the person who did it. How would u feel if one of your own collegues resorted to that . Using sihir @ blackmagic to another collegue all in the reason of hatred.

I only get to know what was happening at the office when the victim told me of it.. She was reluctant to tell as not to make others afraid . A few of my collegues including my boss knew of this. Yeah, as usual I seldom get to know most hottest office news . My reason is simple: I hate to be busybody or kepohci about unimportant matters. That's why people dont share office gossips with me . Most of the time, I will be a few of the last one to know..

I can understand her reluctantness as this news can make everyone fear about their safety. The obvious things that will happen in office is that most of us will be extra carefull & cautious about free food . People in my office like to bring or buy food to be shared with others. Food like goreng pisang, cekodok or even fruits ( if it was local fruit season ) are there on the table of the empty workstation.

So how did the victim get to know that she was under evil spell? Well, in one fine night, a religious & pious man @ ustaz came to her house to see her mother. The victim was there when the ustaz suddenly asked her about her health. Was she having such an itchy skin near her ankles that there were now scratch marks on it? So many question that the ustaz asked her that I'm sorry i just can't write it here.. But at the end of the nite, she got to know who did it. When the ustaz describe about one of the villain's peculiar character, i found myself conforming to it.

And the most shocking news is that the victim wasn't the only one kena sihir by that villain. There are others who dah terkena. And so far my boss managed to stay away from it.

At the end of the day, what comes to my mind is that how does the villain's best friends feel about this if they knew of his/her evil act? Wouldn't anyone think that they could be under evil spell too?

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