Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My weekends

Thesedays my weekends are always full of things to do.. I know that we are still in the Raya month. And there will be one or two raya open houses to go . Not forgetting birthday parties too..

So here I am , together with my hubby and our loyal companion Arissa @ our daughter la roaming around Klang Valley , looking & searching & buying things for our new house.. All for one solid reason to beautify our new house. Which reminds me of Miss Fluffyhead: how's with your new house dear? Fully furnished ?

Almost every weekend we are out . Imagine having to juggle our time with family gatherings too. On last Sunday we went to my SIL's niece 1st birthday party. Hubby did ask who else from my family side are coming. I said only us as my sister couldn't make it & so was my parents and my eldest brother who is away in China.. My eldest SIL cooudn't come as it was raining heavily back at her place. But hubby know that it's important that we show our faces there as they are my parents' besan. And when else can we gather again if it's not during birthday party. With that, thanks dear for your willingness to attend the birthday party.

Last weekend too we went to Sungai Buloh to buy pots and plants for our small garden. And we still need to go there one last trip for the water feature dear! Infact we couldn't buy more stuff on our last trip due to limited space in the car.. Mind you, we don't own an MPV yet la...

Of course I had to read this & that gardening magazines & other endless house decor magazines. All to get some ideas on what type of plants suitable for my small garden. I must say that the Laman magazines is quite helpful too. How easy to buy plants when we know how it looks like as printed in the magazines.

How was the garden now? I don't know what others will say. In fact my MIL who is staying with us is away on Raya trip to Jakarta . If she is back, at least we can get the virdicts. Well, all me & hubby can say that our garden looks better than before.

Next mission will be the furnitures!

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