Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Sweep it under the carpet

Apart from being busy with account closing for last month financial period, I'm in no mood to post up a new entry actually. It's hard to gather oneself when the feeling is down and gloomy. Macam hari nak hujan aje. :(

But then again, life have to go on.. And we can't just sit there feeling down all the time. So I'll see myself sweeping under the carpet all the unhappy thoughts that I have on my mind. Yeah, it's unhealthy & not a positive thing to do when one should sort out all the messy stuffs. Not that I dont talk about it with my hubby . I do . But sometimes , that act of sweeping seems the best thing to do after talking.

So how was my Raya 2008?

I must say it was one joyous & happy & much look forward raya for me. Why? Because I had not been able to eat freshly made lemang & rendang on the eve on raya for two consecutive year. I like to eat my lemang & rendang on the eve on raya. Why? Because that is the day when the flavour is at it's best to eat.

My mom will always make rendang ayam, daging , limpa & hati. And the sweetness of the meat juice are gone by the next day. No doubt we will have it to be reheat. But the sweetness is not there anymore. My dad & me always told my mom about this as she can't understand why we prefer to eat it on the day the rendang is cooked and not on the next day which is 1st day of raya la... And lemang... Alhamdulillah, we wiill still get to eat the delicious & berlemak lemang so long as my mom's cousin is cooking it. The lemang is still prepared in using the traditional recipe & methods. Infact, I don't think Lemang Pak Ali ( famous in Ulu Kelang) can beat my mom's cousin's lemang..

Thesedays, lemang are 1stly precooked using the rice cooker. The cooked glutenious rice will only be transfered into the buluh lemang to bake it so that the lemang can have the original round shape. Actually this method is the fastest way but not the best & original way to cook lemang.

So there I was happily eating my lemang & rendang... I ate alot. Every day. Do I feel guilty about it? Nope.. Makan lemang sampai terlupa nak makan nasi impit kuah kacang ..
And me & hubby was craving for coke. yeah...we had coke from the eve of raya till the 4th of raya.. Free flowing... That was something we never done it before..
Unhealthy as a matter of fact..

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