Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Heard this story when I was in the office surau yesterday. One of the Kakak's was sharing her story of how she would bring back with her food supply i.e Milo, flour, rice,anything food that her family will need when going back balik kampung. Reason was that she doesn't want to burden or taxing her parents' food supply . Not that her family eat alot .But her common sense tell her not to burden her parents with food supply . And some of the kakak agreed with what the 1st kakak did. But what she said after that made me joined her conversation.

They talked about how some of married siblings with kids in tow, would happily finished the whole food supply and never bother to chip in buying food. To make it worst, some of the siblings would not lift a finger in helping to prepare the food. All that they know is that food is served for them. Be it for breaskfast, lunch, dinner or tea time. And do they bother to buy some kuih muih for tea? Nope at all. To these people, balik kampung is the time they get to be served by FOC maid who are actually their own family member. Mind u , some of these people are actually adults and not some children.

I don't deny that this is happening in any family gatherings. It doesn't matter if u are rich or only average in income earnings, these people like to take advantage of their own family members. Reason lies in the personality, characteristic & behaviour . Doesn't matter whether they are SPM holders only or have degree from some Ivy league univercities. These people just cukai orang lain.

Take a look at ourselves. Did we bring any buahtangan for our grandparents or parents when balik kampung? Imagine u did this when u are in your twenties & have earned your own salary.
Some of us may not do it . While some might. Why? Coz some of us will say it's only our Atuk& Wan and it's only our Mak&Ayah. Plus, our parents have their own money & can afford to buy that buahtangan of buah-buahan or kuih-muih. Or that they don't eat oranges, dragon fruits!

Actually it doesnt matter if our parents or atuk/wan can afford to buy as they have trillions of money. Remember the saying "It's the thoughts that count". So imagine how happy they would be feeling when getting some buahtangan!

And talked about giving some pocket money to our parents. Do u remember the times when we were schoolgoing children? Remember the daily pocket money we used to get from our parents throughout our school years? And if we add up all those money, we have had actually received thousands of money from our parents. So does it cost much or taxing too much on us to simply give RM100 or the least RM50 to our parents each time we balik kampung?

I just don't get it why we can think that giving away RM100 notes or RM50 notes a month is way too much when they are only our parents. To me, the more we share Allah's nikmat/gifts to us, the more we will get in return in the future. Even if it is only RM10 notes.

But then, people just don't wanna grow up and learn. Just remember, what goes around, comes around. We may be treated like that when we are old as our children can easily copycat our own behaviour. And this is happening without us realising it. Right under our own nose!


toughcookie said...

you brought up some very good observations...

emly2175 said...

it is actually a very old observations that i long have kept inside my head .. Cuma teringat balik bila kat surau tuh..